No.19 英語圏では当たり前、How are you??って実際は?? "How are you?" has an important role in conversation

  • How are you????

英語圏では、友達や家族にHow are you?と会うたびに聞きます。他人からも言われたり自分から言ったりします。今回は、How are you?のとは何か思ったので書きました。


When I was in Canada, I thought why do many people ask me " How are you?" We do not have that culture, but technically we have the expression. However, Japanese rarely use them. 

※maybe some of you might not agree with it but please just read as one thought 




How are you?って直訳すると元気〜?みたいな意味でしょうけれども、ニュアンスが多分違うと思います。詳しいことはわかりませんが、人によっては昨日したことや最近あったことなどを答える人もいます。元気〜って言葉を使う日本人はほとんどいないんじゃないでしょうか。形式的な文章や手紙などでは使うかもしれませんが、友達に聞いたり、家族に聞いたりすることはないですよね。カナダでは、他人も含め、話しかけれるたびに、How are you?という言葉を言われました。だいたい、返しは、Good とかを使うのが基本だと思います。日本帰ってきた思ったのが、How are you?って本当にいい言葉だなと思いました。自分が経験したことですが、日本にいる場合、バイトや仕事に行っても本人から言わない限り、他人の体調を知ることができないし、気軽に他人を思いやることができないんじゃないのかなって思いました。たとえ、自分から、今日はあまり体調が悪いなんて言えたとしても言い出すタイミングがなければ言いにくいと思いました。How are you?の力ってすごいですよ。



カナダで働いている時に、熱になったのですが大丈夫だろうということで、仕事に行きました。着いてからすぐに、オーナーからいつも通り、How are you?と聞かれました。正直に、"Not bad(悪くはないよ)"って行ったら、"どうかしたの"って聞かれました。

それで、"少し熱があるから"、って言ったら、"もう帰ってもいいし、今日中に治らなければ、また電話してくれればその時は、明日も休んでいいよ"って言われました。結局、帰ることになりましたが、帰らせてもらったことへの驚きではなく、私が思ったのは、自分の体調を言い出せる場を常に与えられているんだなと思いました。それは、職場だけでは限らず、カナダで学校に行ってた時もそうでした。How are you? 好きですね。文化的なものだと思いますが、How are you?って思いやりのある言葉だと帰ってきて実感しました。

We do not use " How are you?" in Japanese except for some formal situations or the time when you write a letter. It means people do not know other people's condition, but some of people might ask you in a different way or they may know if  you say something first. As you know, in English speaking countries, people use "How are you?" often. I noticed that " How are you" has  great power after I came back to Japan. 

at work or school, people do not ask me about my condition in Japan. I'm going to focus on work this time. When I work here, people do not ask me about my condition. Unless I say, nobody knows my condition even if I'm sick. recently, I was sick, but I went to work, they did not know I'm sick until I said it. It is hard for Japanese to say it. I guess it's because of cultural backgrounds, so It was not easy to say it first. I thought about the timing to say it. We don't have opportunities that can tell our conditions easily. I like " How are you?" 

This is based on my actual experience

However, when I was working in Canada, I became sick once, but I went to work because I thought it should be fine. As soon as I arrived at work, my owner asked me" How are you?" as usual, so I said" Not bad" then, he said, what happened, so I said, I'm kind of sick. then he told me "you can go home and you can call me if you do not feel good tomorrow. " Eventually, I went home. I just thought in Canada, people can get opportunities that can say their conditions easily all the time.

Not only at work, but also at school. It is a kind of cultural thing, but I realized that " How are you" is  a thoughtful expression.



I'm sorry I didn't post anything for a long time. I didn't quit lol I will keep posting!! 

Have a nice weekend. 



No.18 カプセルホテルとゲストハウス in 日本( Capsule hotel and Guest house in Japan. what is a capsule hotel??)







・What is a capsule hotel?

A capsule hotel is a sort of accomodation, which is very affordable and convenient for everyone. As you see the picture below, it is a capsule hotel. Its price is 3400 yen( $30) give or take per day without meals and situated in a lot of areas especially in a big city in Japan. I have never seen it ouside of Japan, so it is only in Japan. in all capsule rooms, it is prohibited smoking, eating, drinking. You can use Wi-fi, TV, and a charger for sure. Some of capsule hotels have big bath and shower rooms.








カプセルホテルは、カプセルルーム以外は、タバコ吸えるので廊下とかあるいいてても臭いし、ご飯の横でも普通に吸うことができるので、そういうのが無理な方は止めたほうがいいですね。それ以外は、コストは安いし、必要なものは提供して貰えるのでいいと思いますが、大きい荷物(キャリーバックなど )はローカーに入らないので基本的にフロントに預けますが、それでお金を取るところと取らないところがあります。

Capsule hotel


Very quiet and peaceful. Everything is organized and it has a big bath and shower rooms.


Not allowed to eat, drink and smoke inside the rooms. you have to be quiet, cannot interact with other people and smell cigarattes

Except for inside of capsule rooms, you smell cigarattes even in the hallway and in some capsule hotels, they can smoke next to you, so I do not recommend people who do not like the smell of cigarattes. However, apart from that, it is affordable and they provide everything that is necessary for you. If you have a big luggage that does not fit in locker rooms, usually you will leave it at the front desk, but you might have to pay addtionally for that.










Guest house.


you can cook, interact with other people( also I made a few friends there who are from England and other cities in Japan). cheap and do not feel lonely, their employees can speak English.


noisy, there is no big bath, you might have to wait to use a shower room if it is occupied. You do not have private spaces. 

I recommend youth, backpacker, foreigners and people who want to make new friends and enjoy travelling. I made a few friends even though I just stayed there for a day only. If you are outgoing, it is very suitable and you do not feel lonely if you go to a living room. If you are foreigner, and you want to try to speak Japanese but you are worried about it, they help you with English as well because their employees are capable of speaking English. 




Overall, they have both merits and demerits, but I prefer the system of Guest house. If you really want to see about Japan, it is a good idea to stay at a capsule hotel




I saw people were doing " Mario cart" in real lol



                        Have a nice week 😆











No.17 アラスカって??? What is Alaska in the U.S like??



 What is Alaska in the U.S like??

As you know, Alaska is one of the states in America, which is kind of far from other states and located next to Canada. I learnt a lot of things after visiting there, so I'm going to share my experiences in Alaska with you guys .




アラスカは元はロシアの領土でしたが、ロシアが売却して、アメリカが購入しました。昔の話ですが、アメリア合衆国とロシア帝国の両政府間で行われた条約です。 詳しく知りたい方は検索してみてください

The history of Alaska

Alaska was a terriotory of Russia, but they sold it, then America purchased it. In the past, The U.S.A and Russian Empire sealed the treaty about Alaska. If you want to know more about it, Just Google it.





自分の感覚ではアラスカから帰ってきた後に日本に帰ってきたら、駅で一人で汗をかいていました(笑) そのくらい寒さが違います。

The climate in Alaska

Alaska is extremly cold, so over minus 20℃ is pretty usual. After going to Alaska, I did not feel Japan is cold. I was sweating around the station at the time lol. There is a huge gap for sure.




Activities you can do in Alaska.

I just went there this winter, so I do not know about summer activities, but as far as I know you can ski, sled and skate for free in winter, it depend on the places though. You can experience the authentic ones not like the artificial ones for sure.




Animals in Alaska

I just saw moose from the car as you can see the picture. That was huge and if you want to see a bunch of wild animals, you can see them easily like bears, just be careful.






My thoughts about Alaska

it is just very cold and slippery on the roads because of much of snows, so I saw some car accidents. I felt like until getting used to this environment, it is hard to drive.

Everytime when I go to the U.S., I am always surpriesed that guns are sold in a lot of stores. For example, Walmart, which is very famous in Canada and the U.S. sells guns inside of the mall. I just felt weird that and it is not suitable for malls because children can see them. It means they grow up while seeing guns. it is not only in Alaska but also in other stetes. However, some people mention that the U.S.A is very dangerous, but In my opinion, it is not dangerous compare to developing countries. A lof of advantages by living there outweigh those drawbacks. Also, there are a bunch of activities that people can enjoy such as  skiing, snowbording, sledding, hiking, cycling, fishing..etc.. I heard there is the famous mountain there. I did not enjoy all of them, but someday I will do them.



It's a type of sandwich, which has some ingredients as you can see. It is tasty and make me almost full. The inside of decoration was so cozy and nice.



Have a nice weekend 👋🏼



No.16 チップ文化で感じたこと thoughts about tip culture honestly...





Tip culture in Japan?💲

Nobody pays tip in Japan. we don't have that culture. For example, if you eat something, you just pay the bill. you don't need to feel bad even if you don't pay tip because It's normal in Japan, and nobody expects you to pay tip. if you leave tip on the table in a restaurant, servers will get mixed up, and they will think you forgot your money, so it's very different from other countries, and we usually pay at checkout counter, and it depends on the restaurant, but a lot of restaurants like local restaurants only accept cash. I think in a big city, they accept cash or card not in the coutryside.







services in restaurant

As I said first, servers offer a lot of services to you like bringing a cup of water, and you don't need to pay for what they did for you. Everything is including the bill.



とりあえず面倒くさいですね(笑) 他の国に行ったらその国の文化に従うのはもちろんなので払いましたが、自分が食べたものプラスお金を多く払わないといけないですからね。来た当初は払い方がよくわからなかったので全く払ってなかったですね。別に悪気があったわけじゃないんですけど、払い方がイマイチわからなかったですね。日本で提供してくれる、コップの水を注いでくれるからサービスがいいとか、食べものを持ってくるからサービスがいいとかそういう風なことをあんまり考えたことがなかったのもありますが、それによってチップ何パーセントになるとか面倒くさかったので、基本的なパーセンテージをいつも払っていました。現地の人は結構サービスがいいとか悪いとかでパーセンテージを決めているので、労働者側からすると気をつかうのはごく普通なことなのかもしれませんね。


feeling about tip culture..

It was a hassle to think about tip whenever I eat out in Canada because we don't have the culture that we pay for what they did or about service. We just pay for food no matter if the service is good or bad, and we are not thankful to some services like offering a cup of water to us because It's usual. It depends on the restaurant in Japan for sure. In some resutaurants, we have to go for a glass of water. We think that services are good or not once in a while, but  basically we don't think like the service is excellent, so I will pay 15% tip like this because it doesn't matter to the bill. In my opinion, I didn't want to pay tip at first because I feel like I pay for their service that is usual in my country, but no wonder I have to follow that culture, and I got used to pay tip now, but not easy before.The interesting thing that most of people who live in Canada consider the service, athough each person has different views. It's really connected to tip, so I undersatand the reason why servers pay attention to customers.





 I'm willing to continue bloggind about my experience and opinion.😋

            Do your best this year as well. 








No.15 カナダの多国籍料理 Part 2 Multinational cuisine in Canada Part 2 🇨🇦🇹🇼🇮🇳

 多国籍料理 Part1を読んでいない方は、Part2を読み終わった後にでも読んでみてください。内容はこっちより多いです。カナダの多国籍料理なのにカナダ料理を初めに入れるのを忘れていました(笑) なぜかというとその時はまだプティーンの存在を知りませんでした(笑) 

    If you haven't read " Multinational cuisine in Canada Part1 " you can read it after reading this one. I forgot to write about Canadian cuisine, although this topic is multinational cuisine in " Canada " lol because I didn't know what poutine is at the time.


Ⅶ. プティーン(Canada)🇨🇦




   Poutine is one of the typical food in Canada, which is mixed by fries, gulanulated cheese and gravy sauce like fast food. I tried eating it once. I don't think the taste is very special or super delicious, but it tasted good for sure. According to Canadian, there are a variety of style in Poutine, so I guess I just had one of them. If you come to Canada or stay there, It might be good to eat it at least once



  Ⅷ.台湾 🇹🇼



     Taiwanese cuisine is similar to Japanese cuisine except for miso soup, but I think I have never had meat like " Karaage " with red sauce, so It's kind of new for me. You can enjoy eating in either way without red sauce. The style is really Japanese, if you are Japanese you will miss Japanese food after eating it.



 Ⅸ インド🇮🇳

これはインド料理ですね。インド料理といえばインドカレーでしょうか。インドカレーもありました。バイキングなのでかなり食べましたね(知っている方も多いと思いますが、ちなみにバイキングは日本英語なので通じないです)日本で行ってた地元のカレーに比べると全く辛くなかったですね。ロブソン通りにあるので行ったことない人は行ってみてください。平日の昼食は15ドルで食べられます。辛いの苦手な人でも全然食べられます。 All-you-can-eatとbuffetを英語では言いますが、その二つでも違いがあるようです。

 All you can eat はテーブルで注文して店員が持ってくるスタイルのことを言うらしいです。Buffet は自分でお皿を持って料理を取りに行くスタイルのことを言うらしいです。どっちも一定の額のお金を払うとたくさん食べることができますが違いがあります。

 India 🇮🇳

  This is Indian cuisine, What comes to mind when you hear Indian cuisine?? Definitely, I say Indian curry. This is buffet styled restaurant, so I ate tons of indian food. when it comes to Indian curry, a lot of people think it's spicy, but It wasn't as spicy as indian restaurant where I used to go to in my hometown in Japan. It's located on Robson street in Vancouver, if you go there for lunch on a weekday, you can have it just 15 bucks. You don't need to worry about how much spicy it is. It's not spicy and not only curry rice lol



Someday, I would like to take my family or friends to those restaurants like" food tour " where I introduced in Part 1&2 lol



     Happy Holidays and Happy New Year(It's early to say it though) 


No.14 カナダの人ってどうやって寒い冬を凌ぐの〜〜??How do people manage to live and warm up in Vancouver during winter??



   It gets colder here day after day... According to the news here, The temperature will be about minus 10 soon, So how do people manage to live here in such a cold winter?? , and I'm going to introduce about how people live in Japan in winter as well, although It's not as cold as Canada. I guess it's quite different from other countries


                      Canadian Style🇨🇦

1. スペースヒーター(室内暖房器具) 

      スペースヒーター が小さな部屋では結構有効です。安いのですぐ購入できます。これは、暖かい空気が出てきます。大きな部屋で使わなければ暖かいですね。早めにセットしとけば暖かくなるのも早くなるかもしれません。

    Space Heater

      Space heater is good if you use it in a small room, hot air comes out of it!, and the price is very reasonable, so you can purchase it easily, I think it's warm unless you use it in a big room. 


2. 集中暖房システム


   Central heat

  Central heat is that the shape is different in each building, and it really depends how it works, but if you ride on there, you might feel warmer.!!! 


3.Baseboard heater

 Baseboard heaterは日本語でどういうのか知りません。まず日本にこういう暖房設備あるんでしょうか?あの隙間から、暖かい風が出てきます。結構快適ですね、だいたい部屋にこれが2〜3個あるのですぐ温まります。下の画像にあるようにあれで温度を調節します。好きですね


   Baseboard heater

 I think we don't have this one in Japan. hot air comes out of it. In my opinion, It's comfortable, and basically we have three give or take in each room. Like the below picture, we adjust the temperature. I like it.







 Actually, I don't know people have it in Canada. I've never seen it here before. I'm not sure, but I think a rich family might have it. It's good looking and compatible with inside of Canadian house. If you go to Gastown, you may see this one inside of building.


                       Japanese style🇯🇵



1. Kotatsu

 Kotatsu is so popular in Japan, and I can say that most of Japanese have it. It's so cool  isn't it?? It's so warm as long as you stay inside. We usually put foot or a lower body in there, but you can go into inside of Kotatsu if you want. However, If you have an opportunity that you can try Kotatsu, please remember.. don't sleep in Kotatsu even an ways lol There are some reasons, your body can't control your bodily temperature while you sleep because of kotatsu, and your bodily temperature doesn't decrease, so it's bad for your body, or you sweat a lot, then trigger dehydration, so don't sleep there if you don't want to get a cold.



2. Oil heater

Oil heater is portable like space heater , but we have to buy oil, and there is a container inside of Oil heater, then, we put oil in there. When we turn on this one in a room, we have to be careful and make sure about surronding things to prevent fire from occuring, and we shouldn't sleep with turning on a stove either, but there is a time on Oil heater these days, so technically you can sleep with turning on a stove. Also, I think there are some the electric ones. Both of them are so warm. I love it



                    Happy Holidays🎅🏻





❄️No.13 何年振りの雪??最後に役立つ情報あり(笑)When did it snow in Vancouver before?? There is useful information in the end.





    When did it snow in Vancouver before??

    it snowed two years ago.😏

    Canada seems so cold, but Vancouver is not as cold as other cities, although it's still cold for me!! but some people said that it's not obvious that snows in Vancouver this year. Most people walk outside with the hood pulled over their head, even when it's in pouring rain, some of them don't use an umbrella. 






  The affect of snow is terrible...

 Especially the buses in Vancouver are not in service often in snow, or it works, but it's delayed. 

basically I take a bus from my home to the station, so it just takes 5 minutes give or take, but If it doesn't work, I have to walk there around 20 minutes. I like walking rather than getting annoyed for waiting.




これは、雪だけよりも異常に最悪ですね。歩道が少し溶けた水でかなり滑りやすくなってますね。あと、気づきにくい水溜りができています。雪で覆われてるけれども、実際は水溜りなのでその上を歩いたらわかりますね(笑) 何回もやらかしました。気をつけましょう。

  ・The combination of snowy roads and rains 

 This is worse than just snow... Any sidewalks are very slippery in snows and rains, and It's difficult to notice there are some puddles around there because they are covered with snow such as slush, but actually they are puddles like this picture, so if you walk on there, you know, right? I did a few times lol Be careful 😝





Skytrain is like subway, It's not manned at all, automatically if there is something on rails, they are gonna stop and stationary, so to prevent it Transportation company tries to keep plowing so much snow, then They don't pile up on there. 



They have a official twitter account "TransLink BC" 

They will say some information on it when It's delayed or not in service, and also you can ask them about it anytime.😌




                     Have a nice week!!! 😁