No.11 カナダの主な祝日またはイベント ( Some of national holidays or major events in Canada )


      A lot of people think that the popular or common events in North America are such as Halloween, and Christmas mostly. YES, That's true, but this time, let's focusing on other events.


 バレンタインデー Valentine's day?



  There is Valentine's day in Japan as well as Canada, but It's a little bit different from Japan. It's the same thing that a woman gives presents to a man, but men give presents to women at the same day in Canada. However, when it comes to japan, men do not give them back or give them to women on Valentine's day. Instead of that, we have " White day ". In Cadada, they do not have this, so Japanese men give them to women on White day( 03,14 every year) . It's just kind of different. I was just amazed by it a bit. South korea, the country which is next to Japan has " White day" like Japan. I don't  know about other asian countries, but at least these countries have it. I think it's a cultural thing. by the way, It's interesting for me that South korea is the opposite of Japan. Men basically give a present women on Valentine's day instead of White day, but less common.





    Remembrance day ( national holiday ) 



   Remembrance day is the day when world war I finished and was determined by George Ⅴ as a memorial day to remember the deceased and retired soldiers. When remembrance day got closer, some peope might have been able to see a kind of flower like this picture. I've noticed that some of people had it on, but I didn't know that It's related to remembrance day. The flower came from a certain poem. If you want to know more, just Google it!! 



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No.10 カナダで聞いた一部の暗黙の了解 ( parts of unspoken rules in Canada I have heard )


unspoken rule Ⅰ??



      Before writing it, I tell you it's different and it depends on each person, but I have heard of it from some of acquaintances in general. The impression is bad if you ask someone's age when you meet them for the first time in Canada. In Japan, I think It's not a big deal. It depends though. It's better to ask about it after getting to know one another, and before asking it, It's better to say like " If you don't mind " or something like that in Canada     





unspoken rule Ⅱ??



         Asking someone's marital status is not good either. I thoght when we introduce each other, we are naturally anxious about unmarried, married, or etc..This is the same like an above one, It's better after getting to know each other.






       Small talk is very commonplace in English speaking country. I bet it. in Japan, We don't have this among strangers. If you do it in Japan, other people think Like What the heck ??? they feel weird. Some guys flirt in any countries, right???Lol I have some experiences. One of my experiences is that when I was at the cafe recently, a woman that sat next to me told me "Your shoes are nice" and started up our conversation, It's just a compliment, but I felt good.






                           See you??






No. 9 デートに最適かもベスト3!!!!! Three good places for a date in Vancouver



   I think there are more than 3 good places for a date in Vancouver, Canada, but this time just leave out others..It's enjoyable for going there with friends for sure.


1 Queen Elizabeth Park. クイーンエリザベスパーク



      The main reason why I chose this place is gorgeous and beautiful, and once in a while, some people hold a wedding ceremony. In fact, I have seen it a few times though. It just has tons of flowers like gardens, but It's very good for travelers or visitors that wouldn't have enough time to go to every single place because It's close to downtown Vancouver.. each way is around 30 minutes



   ここでサプライズプロポーズとか告白なんてやってんじゃないでしょうか(笑) ロマンチックですね。男の方でも好きな人いますけど、女性の方でお花好きな方多いじゃないでしょうか。ここに観光に行くなら春か夏がベストです。気候も良くないと、台無しです。

  Ummmm, some people proposes him or her here perhaps, How romantic it is..haha

The majority of women like to see flowers, some men like though..haha the season that you should go there is spring or summer!!!!! You should take advantage of good weather.



 2. Seawalls in Yaletown.


      The sewalls in Yaletown are breathtaking as long as the weather holds up..just wandering around in a daze though..You will be abe to see the opposite side, and sometimes you can sit on the grass or bring your favorite chair like them lol  Comeparatively, It's not occupied or packed unlike English Bay which is located downtown. The seawalls are better to go there unless you swim in the sea lol It takes less than 20 minutes downtown



     They are divied into sidewalks and lanes for cyclists, so if you like to ride a bicycle, then going around here is a good choice, I wish I




   It goes without saying that The best season is autumn at least summer


3. Deep cove ( ディープコーブ )


     This is Deep cove. The view is worth to see, and there are some activities that you can do Like kayaking, but the problem is that the distance is kind of far.. if you miss the bus to go back to downtown in Vancouver , you would have to wait for a long time, and you have to get on the bus around 40 minutes, so It's better to go there if you stay there for a day. The reason that I chose is because of this, but as I mentioned, It's still worth to see like the  the above places




      There are tons of jellyfishes, so It's not suitable for swimming here Lol, I don't want to swim either. lol




     I'm sorry that I didn't post this last week, I have been sick, still have a cough though 


            Halloween will come out soon!?









No.8 カナダの〜多国籍料理〜Part 1 multinational cuisine in Canada ????????????

I. 韓国 (South Korea)??


  One of the famous and popular cuisines in Canada as well as Japan, and it's called" Bibimbap" Some of them don't like it Canada because it's kind of spicy for them, but It's the best for me in Korean cuisine. One of the friends of mine cooked it for me, so it's authentic Bibimbap for sure. I recommend that strongly, so If you want to try Korean cuisine, you should eat this at first!!!!!


II. 中国 (China)??


    I didn't know that fried rice comes from China, but actually It comes from China, so I've never had authentic (Chinese) Frid rice in my entire life, but in fact, It tasted pretty much the same for me.It tasted kind of plain ,although it depends on the restaurant definitely. It tastes good!!!!


III. ブラジル (Brazil)??


    This is the first time to eat Brazilian food. Steaks are very famous, isn't it?? I was satisfied with this meal!!!



    In this restaurant, I think that steaks are main food, but the server in this restaurant comes to costomer's seats all the way to bring steaks and cut them for us..It tasted super great, but I can't eat a lot of them because it's a litte fatty. As you can see, the style that is eating rice and beans together is common in Brazlil. I like it as well.


IV. 日本(Japan)??


    In Canada, basically, the containers or plates of Japanese cuisine is like this picture, kind of stylish. In nearly every case, I'm not satisfied with the amount of food. As you cann see, there are some cuisine that represent Japanese cuisine. They are miso-soup, Tempura and Sushi. Tempura is deep-fried seafood and vegetables. It's covered with a kind of batter..When I miss Japanese cuisine, I basically eat miso-soup. This brings back memories Lol. Anyway, I have never seen and had California roll?? in Japan. It's technically made in the U.S.


Ⅴ. ギリシャ(Greece)??


  This is Greek cuisine. There is much the amount of types of food, so that's enough for me, but It taste weak. I think that the people who like weak tastes will like Greek cuisine, althogh it's kind of sour. I have been there twice, but that's not my best. Anyway, I like that


Ⅵ. メキシコ(Mexico)??


    Mexican cuisine tastes super great. literally, Mexican cuisine is the best here for me. This is Tacos, but I think I have never had it before as long as my memory is correct haha . It has a lot of types of ingredients, and you can choose and enjoy it whatever you want.



This is a kind of sandwich in Mexico, but I thought that it is a different one. Sandwich in Japan is supposed to be white lol, but It tastes great as well, One of my favorite mexican cuisine....



In the end, from this time, you should try to have a lof of cuisine that is made in different counties not where you live or you were born.? you can enjoy having distincitive cuisine of any countries.??



 I'll create part 2 of this topic as well some day 


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No.7 バンクーバのルール..え?公共の場での飲酒??( Vancouver's rules in terms of drinking and smoking )

・カナダ(バンクーバーの規則 ) some rules in Vancouver

    喫煙 ( smoking )?

  カナダのバンクーバーの建物内は喫煙禁止です。日本みたいに喫煙スペースと禁煙スペースで隔離されてなく、完全に禁止です。まず、タバコを建物内で吸ってる人を見たことないですね。マリファナ多いですけどね(笑) タバコ嫌いなのですごくこのルール気に入ってます。結局、スペースが分かれてても臭うし、その分、席の数も減るのでいいと思いますね。百害あって一利なし...周りに悪影響しか与えないので、この規則は理解できると思いました。日本も都会とかは変わってきてるんじゃないでしょうか。個人的に、日本もこの規則導入してほしい思いました。

   Smoking in any building has been prohibited completely in Vancouver, Canada unlike Japan..?AcutuallyI've never seen the people who smoke in any building in Canada.In japan some restaurants have some space for the people who want to smoke inside in general, but it is dividied among them for sure. some restaurants have been prohibited though, I hate smells of cigarettes and everything of it Lol even though it's divided, It kind of smells and the seats that we can sit decrease because of it, the people who don't smoke don't want to sit at the seats which are for smokers or are next to smokers because it's bad for health. As you know, smoking is nothing good but very harmful and there is only bad effects to others, so for me this rule is understandable and acceptable. In my opinion, I hope Japan will incorporate it into down the road. I totally agree with this rule.



   飲酒 ( drinking )?

 カナダのバンクーバは、公共の場で飲酒をするのは禁止です。ビーチでもダメ、道端も公園もダメです。室内でしかアルコールは飲めないってことですね。実際、外で飲んでる人ほぼ見たことないですね。この規則は、外で飲んで酔って暴れる人とか喧嘩を防ぐためだという考え方もありますが、おそらく公共のゴミが増えるのを防ぐ目的です。なぜかといったら、室内で飲んだ後に、外に出た場合でもアルコールのせいで喧嘩になる可能性はあるからです。花火などをビーチで見るときにアルコールはなしです。この規則もあんまり自分に影響が全くないですね。基本的に、アルコールはよっぽどのことがないと飲まないので..(笑) カナダ人でアルコール好きの人が日本はいいよねとよく言ってきますね。 

       Drinking in public is banned absolutely such as beaches, on the street and parks.. You can drink alcohol in a building instead,?so In fact, I've never seen the people who drink in public. This rule is considered for people who doesn't have self-control after drinking, or prevent fighting among drinkers, but it is to prevent increasing of litters for the environment in all likelihood. If the former is the purpose, it doesn't really make sense because Fighting could happen after drinking at home or somewhere in a building possibly. but it's still legal. Unfortunately, there is no drinking even to see fireworks at the beach in Vancouver..As you know, It doesn't matter to me either like smoking because I don't drink basically, so Canadians are often tell me that Japan is allowed to drink in public, so they are jealous of it..In japan, we can drink anywhere and easy to get it from vending machine or convenience stores...




      What do you think about these things!?






                   Thank you for reading!??



No.6 ?? カナダのファーストフードが、世界中で一番不健康.?Canadian Fast food is unhealthier than any other countries..????

                                   カナダのファーストフード ( Canadian fast food )

      日本ももちろんありますが、世界中にある有名なファーストフード、例えばマクドナルド、ピザハットSUBWAY, BURGER KING などがありますがこれらのファーストフードが不健康すぎるとして、カナダでは問題になっています。何が問題かと言いますと、塩分、脂肪、コレステロールが高すぎるということです。他の国に比べても、大変高いものになっています。これによって高血圧、肥満などになる人が増加しているらしいです。6カ国中、カナダのファーストフードの塩分が一番高いということが事実です?今回は、マクドナルドに絞って話していきたいと思います。

       There are tons of Fast food restanrants around the world such as BUGER KING, SUBWAY, Pizza Hut, Mcdonald's. According to the news in Canada those food is load with more salt, fat, and cholesterol than other 5 countries that have been researched, For example, The United States of America, ??The United Kingdom??, Australia??....etc, so Canada is the hightest when it comes to too much salt, fat, and cholesterol.. They cause a terrble stroke, hypertention, and obesity...etc.. Nearly every case, Canada is among the highest salt levels.?This time, I'm going to focus on Mcdonald's. 



     As you can see the picture, Canada has more than double the amont of the salt . It is too high, isn't it?? Probably, The malority of people like McNuggets though...?



      サラダでさえも、カナダが他の国に比べて多くの塩分が入っていることは、確かです。 サラダは健康に良いって思ってる人もいたんではないでしょうか。自分は、実際、そう思っていました (笑) 特にカナダは、サラダでも結局、ファーストフードの店だったら健康に悪いってことですね。

    Even Salad have more salt hight contents in comparison with other countries...., so most people think that salad is good for our health, but It is not. I thought that, too haha? As a result, fast food is not good for our health even salad especially Canada..Homemade salad is the best Lol??



      This cuisine tasts great, and is the best cuisine ever I had possibly...haha



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No. 5 カナダの離婚率の高い理由? ....etc. why is Canada having a high divorce rate, think about Open relationship )

 ・離婚率について(In regard to the divorce rate)

     今回は、カナダ離婚率について話していきたいと思います。理由は、数人のカナダ人から聞いた話なので100% 正しいってことではないですが、まぁ合ってるんじゃないでしょうか。 カナダの離婚率は48%です。 2008年の時点でなので、もっと高いんじゃないでしょうか。 ほぼ、2分の1ですよね。もっとも知られてる理由は、ほぼ、浮気らしいです。 すべての理由がそういうわけじゃないですが、その理由が多いらしいです。 あ、別に、カナダ人全員がそういう人ってわけではありません。普通に日本人でもいますしね。ちなみに日本の離婚率は、36%です。カナダに最も近いアメリカは53%です。

 This time, I will write about the divorce rate in Canada especially. Based on the Internet, The divorce rate in Canda is 48% in 2008, it almost one-half.. but the reason of that is not precise 100% because of according to some Canadians that I know. presumably, the divorce rate is considerably higher than 2008. One of the well-known reason is a flirtation or cheating mostly in general. a guy does, or a girl does whichever...However, when it comes to these topics, I want to say that Not Everyone have some reasons for sure, and  Not all Canadians means that such a person.  It might be interesting to see how much percentage in own country on the Internet. The divorce rate in Japan is 36% and the coutry which is the closest to Canada, the U.S.A is 53%


 ・オープンリレーションシップ ( Open relationship) 

       まず、これを知らない方に説明すると、簡単に言うと、一夫一妻ではないということです。 恋人同士が、他の人と関係を持つことに認め合うということです。 よく言われる、「浮気」と「二股」とは違って、互いが同意の上で関係を持っているということです。婚姻関係でも同じように、オープンマリッジといいます。カップル内でのルールは多種多様で、それぞれで決めています。 例えば、キスは良くても、身体関係まではダメとか。恋に落ちてはダメとか様々です。 日本にいた時は、知らなかったんですけど、こっちに来て、結構、そういう人いるらしいので、あと、こっちでカナダ人の人たちと話してて、興味深いなと思いましたね。実際、動物の中で、人間だけ一夫一妻ですよね。って話をカナダ人の人たちとしたんですよね(笑) FaceBookの交際関係のところ見てもらうと、わかると思います。浮気性の人とか、何人もの人と交際したい人にはいいんじゃないでしょうか。自分は無理ですね(笑) でも、これから世の中徐々に変わっていくので、やる人がいてもおかしくなくなるんじゃないでしょうか。多少は個人の自由もあるとおもうので、これで、離婚率が下がったりするかもしれないですね。みなさんはどう思いますか? アリですかナシですか?

         I'm going to explain about what Open relationship is for some people who don't know, if you know, just skip to the next paragraph if you want to do. Open relationship means that even though you are in a relationship, you can flirt with others  if you are girl, you can date a guy, if you are a guy, you can date girl besides that each person knows it and admits it in a relationship, so actually it works by a mutual agreement.. even a marriage is same! However there are some rules among couples like you can kiss him or her, but can't do bodily things and fall in love with him or her. 

       I have never seen my friends of mine or acquaintances who do it, so I didn't know that what it is, and I bet it's not a common thing in Japan. After coming here, I knew what it is. and I found it on Facebook. This world is gradually changing, so it could be possible in the future for some people who can't stop flirting with others, or want to date others at the same time, or want to has a bodily relationship. The divorce rate could decrease because of it.. For my opinion, It's not acceptable for sure Lol What do you think about it?? Do you agree? or don't agree?? 



* My daily thing today

          I donated a little money to a kind of advertisement of poor children when I went to the supermaket today which is close to my house because a cashier was smiling at me, so I couldn't ignore his smile Lol even though I was in Japan, I rarely did it Lol


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