No1. ブログ始めました( Started to blog about a daily Life)


Started to blog about a daily life,and when I hit on it, I'll write it.



This summer will be over soon. This autumn is coming soon instead.


・冬のバンクーバー(カナダ)は 基本的に雨が続くらしいです。雨が大嫌いな自分には耐えられるかどうか心配です(笑) それでもカナダの中ではバンクーバーはトップの人気らしいです。

・in Vancouver during winter, the weather is always rainy according to a lot of Canadians. I worry about that because I hate it when I used to live in Japan. Regardless of that Vancover is the best in Canada



・in Vancouver during summer, I didn't expect that No one needs to turn on an air conditioner and electric fan, so only during summer some of people come to Vancouver from different cities in Canada or the USA🇺🇸





that's why we hiked on the grouse mountain. It's so steep and a little bit tough, but even for me it took an hour and fifteen minutes, so it's easy for climbers or the people that do exercise a lot




while we were hiking there, we found a wild squirrel on the branch of the tree, it's not rare in Canada, but for me it's extremely precious.🐿




There are some of wild bears on the peak of the mountain, but they are not as savage as I expected 🐻




the view from the top of the mountain is so awesome and beautiful and, after hiked there, you must feel a sense of achivement



I'll continue to blog about these kind of things like commonplace things at leisure