No.2 え?面白いカナダの公共交通機関と交通事情( attractive public transportations in Canada)


The good and interesting systems that there are not in japan, but there is in Canada when I arrived in Canada I noticed that there is the road for cyclists. It anticipates an accident between pedestrians and cyclists.The accident happens in Japan a lot, and recently it's a kind of problem. I expect the improvents of this sort of accidents. I'd like to ride a bicycle in this good environment. 




次に、自転車を積めるだけの広さが電車、地下鉄にあること、そして、バスに自転車を積めるように、バスの頭に積む装置みたいなものがあること。この理由は、多くの人をダウンタウンに呼びこむために始めたらしいです。実際、見てて便利だと思いました。臨機応変に公共交通機関を利用することができます。特に雨が降ってるときとか便利ですね(笑) 地元に欲しい..(笑) あともう1つ便利だなと感じたのは、障がい者、特に車椅子の方が乗車してきたときは、 運転手の人が、バスの高度を調節して、さらに傾斜代みたいなのが出てきます。車椅子の方でもバスに乗れます。

Next, trains and subway are very spacious to load something not only for bicycles. Then, buses have a kind of equipment on the head of a bus to load a bicycle.The reason that why they did is to spour a lot of people to the downtown in Vancouver, personally, I think It's useful and handy for everyone especially cyclists. People are able to adapt to sudden changes in any circumstances. especially it's raining!! haha 



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