No.7 バンクーバのルール..え?公共の場での飲酒??( Vancouver's rules in terms of drinking and smoking )

・カナダ(バンクーバーの規則 ) some rules in Vancouver

    喫煙 ( smoking )🚬

  カナダのバンクーバーの建物内は喫煙禁止です。日本みたいに喫煙スペースと禁煙スペースで隔離されてなく、完全に禁止です。まず、タバコを建物内で吸ってる人を見たことないですね。マリファナ多いですけどね(笑) タバコ嫌いなのですごくこのルール気に入ってます。結局、スペースが分かれてても臭うし、その分、席の数も減るのでいいと思いますね。百害あって一利なし...周りに悪影響しか与えないので、この規則は理解できると思いました。日本も都会とかは変わってきてるんじゃないでしょうか。個人的に、日本もこの規則導入してほしい思いました。

   Smoking in any building has been prohibited completely in Vancouver, Canada unlike Japan..😁AcutuallyI've never seen the people who smoke in any building in Canada.In japan some restaurants have some space for the people who want to smoke inside in general, but it is dividied among them for sure. some restaurants have been prohibited though, I hate smells of cigarettes and everything of it Lol even though it's divided, It kind of smells and the seats that we can sit decrease because of it, the people who don't smoke don't want to sit at the seats which are for smokers or are next to smokers because it's bad for health. As you know, smoking is nothing good but very harmful and there is only bad effects to others, so for me this rule is understandable and acceptable. In my opinion, I hope Japan will incorporate it into down the road. I totally agree with this rule.



   飲酒 ( drinking )🍻

 カナダのバンクーバは、公共の場で飲酒をするのは禁止です。ビーチでもダメ、道端も公園もダメです。室内でしかアルコールは飲めないってことですね。実際、外で飲んでる人ほぼ見たことないですね。この規則は、外で飲んで酔って暴れる人とか喧嘩を防ぐためだという考え方もありますが、おそらく公共のゴミが増えるのを防ぐ目的です。なぜかといったら、室内で飲んだ後に、外に出た場合でもアルコールのせいで喧嘩になる可能性はあるからです。花火などをビーチで見るときにアルコールはなしです。この規則もあんまり自分に影響が全くないですね。基本的に、アルコールはよっぽどのことがないと飲まないので..(笑) カナダ人でアルコール好きの人が日本はいいよねとよく言ってきますね。 

       Drinking in public is banned absolutely such as beaches, on the street and parks.. You can drink alcohol in a building instead,😮so In fact, I've never seen the people who drink in public. This rule is considered for people who doesn't have self-control after drinking, or prevent fighting among drinkers, but it is to prevent increasing of litters for the environment in all likelihood. If the former is the purpose, it doesn't really make sense because Fighting could happen after drinking at home or somewhere in a building possibly. but it's still legal. Unfortunately, there is no drinking even to see fireworks at the beach in Vancouver..As you know, It doesn't matter to me either like smoking because I don't drink basically, so Canadians are often tell me that Japan is allowed to drink in public, so they are jealous of it..In japan, we can drink anywhere and easy to get it from vending machine or convenience stores...




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