No. 9 デートに最適かもベスト3!!!!! Three good places for a date in Vancouver



   I think there are more than 3 good places for a date in Vancouver, Canada, but this time just leave out others..It's enjoyable for going there with friends for sure.


1 Queen Elizabeth Park. クイーンエリザベスパーク



      The main reason why I chose this place is gorgeous and beautiful, and once in a while, some people hold a wedding ceremony. In fact, I have seen it a few times though. It just has tons of flowers like gardens, but It's very good for travelers or visitors that wouldn't have enough time to go to every single place because It's close to downtown Vancouver.. each way is around 30 minutes



   ここでサプライズプロポーズとか告白なんてやってんじゃないでしょうか(笑) ロマンチックですね。男の方でも好きな人いますけど、女性の方でお花好きな方多いじゃないでしょうか。ここに観光に行くなら春か夏がベストです。気候も良くないと、台無しです。

  Ummmm, some people proposes him or her here perhaps, How romantic it is..haha

The majority of women like to see flowers, some men like though..haha the season that you should go there is spring or summer!!!!! You should take advantage of good weather.



 2. Seawalls in Yaletown.


      The sewalls in Yaletown are breathtaking as long as the weather holds up..just wandering around in a daze though..You will be abe to see the opposite side, and sometimes you can sit on the grass or bring your favorite chair like them lol  Comeparatively, It's not occupied or packed unlike English Bay which is located downtown. The seawalls are better to go there unless you swim in the sea lol It takes less than 20 minutes downtown



     They are divied into sidewalks and lanes for cyclists, so if you like to ride a bicycle, then going around here is a good choice, I wish I




   It goes without saying that The best season is autumn at least summer


3. Deep cove ( ディープコーブ )


     This is Deep cove. The view is worth to see, and there are some activities that you can do Like kayaking, but the problem is that the distance is kind of far.. if you miss the bus to go back to downtown in Vancouver , you would have to wait for a long time, and you have to get on the bus around 40 minutes, so It's better to go there if you stay there for a day. The reason that I chose is because of this, but as I mentioned, It's still worth to see like the  the above places




      There are tons of jellyfishes, so It's not suitable for swimming here Lol, I don't want to swim either. lol




     I'm sorry that I didn't post this last week, I have been sick, still have a cough though 


            Halloween will come out soon!🎃