No.10 カナダで聞いた一部の暗黙の了解 ( parts of unspoken rules in Canada I have heard )


unspoken rule Ⅰ🇨🇦



      Before writing it, I tell you it's different and it depends on each person, but I have heard of it from some of acquaintances in general. The impression is bad if you ask someone's age when you meet them for the first time in Canada. In Japan, I think It's not a big deal. It depends though. It's better to ask about it after getting to know one another, and before asking it, It's better to say like " If you don't mind " or something like that in Canada     





unspoken rule Ⅱ🇨🇦



         Asking someone's marital status is not good either. I thoght when we introduce each other, we are naturally anxious about unmarried, married, or etc..This is the same like an above one, It's better after getting to know each other.






       Small talk is very commonplace in English speaking country. I bet it. in Japan, We don't have this among strangers. If you do it in Japan, other people think Like What the heck ??? they feel weird. Some guys flirt in any countries, right???Lol I have some experiences. One of my experiences is that when I was at the cafe recently, a woman that sat next to me told me "Your shoes are nice" and started up our conversation, It's just a compliment, but I felt good.






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