No.11 カナダの主な祝日またはイベント ( Some of national holidays or major events in Canada )


      A lot of people think that the popular or common events in North America are such as Halloween, and Christmas mostly. YES, That's true, but this time, let's focusing on other events.


 バレンタインデー Valentine's day💑



  There is Valentine's day in Japan as well as Canada, but It's a little bit different from Japan. It's the same thing that a woman gives presents to a man, but men give presents to women at the same day in Canada. However, when it comes to japan, men do not give them back or give them to women on Valentine's day. Instead of that, we have " White day ". In Cadada, they do not have this, so Japanese men give them to women on White day( 03,14 every year) . It's just kind of different. I was just amazed by it a bit. South korea, the country which is next to Japan has " White day" like Japan. I don't  know about other asian countries, but at least these countries have it. I think it's a cultural thing. by the way, It's interesting for me that South korea is the opposite of Japan. Men basically give a present women on Valentine's day instead of White day, but less common.





    Remembrance day ( national holiday ) 



   Remembrance day is the day when world war I finished and was determined by George Ⅴ as a memorial day to remember the deceased and retired soldiers. When remembrance day got closer, some peope might have been able to see a kind of flower like this picture. I've noticed that some of people had it on, but I didn't know that It's related to remembrance day. The flower came from a certain poem. If you want to know more, just Google it!! 



                    Thank you for reading 😆