No.12 🇨🇦定番!! 日本とカナダの文化の違い Some cultural differences from my viewpoint


      A lot of people blog about these kind of things, so It's kind of boring for some of you, but please read them if you have plenty of time. I want you to know about Japanese cultures as well😆


  -公共の場での気遣い 😄


  - paying attention to others in public 

         buses in Japan and Japan are almost same but Canada is more noticeable when it comes to paying attention to others such as older people or disabled people. I've seen many people who give over seats to others for them. People do it in Japan for sure, but it's less noticeable based on my experiecen in Tokyo. Japan is nortorious for being packed in a train, but Vancouver is similar to that, although it depends on the time.




 カナダでバスが時間どうりに来ることなんてほぼないし、来ても回送中とか、全然スペース空いてるのに満員とかサイン出して通り過ぎていきます。その結果、画像の長蛇のバスの列みたいなのができます。不規則すぎて予測して外出するのが大変ですね。でも、文句一つ言わないで乗車するところを見ると誰も気にしてないのか、もうイラ立つのさえもあきらめてるのかもしれません(笑) 日本では見られない光景をここで見ています。日本の交通機関は素直に凄いと思いました。

  Buses in Canada are inconvenient 😭

  They are rarely on time, and even if it comes, the bus shows " Not in Service or sorry bus full " sometimes, although there is much space on it. As a result, some situations  happen like the picture and irregular, so Expecting it to go out is hard once in a while. However, Nobody complains about it at all probably, and I just think they give up getting annoying lol It's hard for Japanese first. I noticed that the greatness of public transit in Japan I feel like people who live here are more relaxed in some situations 





  Whenever we buy something, we talk about something  " Small Talk " We don't have this in general. there are just a few transactions, so I think it's more interesting and good to practice my English skill in my life lol😌






  I see tons of  homeless people all around especially downtown in Vancouver, Canada. I have experienced to stay in Tokyo in Japan, but I've never seen, although I know there are some of them for sure. However, at least It's mcuh hard to see them in my hometown. in Canada, It's one of the social problems, so when it comes to refugees, some people discuss that the country had better handle a homeless problem according to some Canadians it's related to upbringing, mental or physical problems, etc... I learnt many things that I can't know inside of Japan.




       If I come up with other cultural diffrences,

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