❄️No.13 何年振りの雪??最後に役立つ情報あり(笑)When did it snow in Vancouver before?? There is useful information in the end.





    When did it snow in Vancouver before??

    it snowed two years ago.😏

    Canada seems so cold, but Vancouver is not as cold as other cities, although it's still cold for me!! but some people said that it's not obvious that snows in Vancouver this year. Most people walk outside with the hood pulled over their head, even when it's in pouring rain, some of them don't use an umbrella. 






  The affect of snow is terrible...

 Especially the buses in Vancouver are not in service often in snow, or it works, but it's delayed. 

basically I take a bus from my home to the station, so it just takes 5 minutes give or take, but If it doesn't work, I have to walk there around 20 minutes. I like walking rather than getting annoyed for waiting.




これは、雪だけよりも異常に最悪ですね。歩道が少し溶けた水でかなり滑りやすくなってますね。あと、気づきにくい水溜りができています。雪で覆われてるけれども、実際は水溜りなのでその上を歩いたらわかりますね(笑) 何回もやらかしました。気をつけましょう。

  ・The combination of snowy roads and rains 

 This is worse than just snow... Any sidewalks are very slippery in snows and rains, and It's difficult to notice there are some puddles around there because they are covered with snow such as slush, but actually they are puddles like this picture, so if you walk on there, you know, right? I did a few times lol Be careful 😝





Skytrain is like subway, It's not manned at all, automatically if there is something on rails, they are gonna stop and stationary, so to prevent it Transportation company tries to keep plowing so much snow, then They don't pile up on there. 



They have a official twitter account "TransLink BC" 

They will say some information on it when It's delayed or not in service, and also you can ask them about it anytime.😌




                     Have a nice week!!! 😁