No.14 カナダの人ってどうやって寒い冬を凌ぐの〜〜??How do people manage to live and warm up in Vancouver during winter??



   It gets colder here day after day... According to the news here, The temperature will be about minus 10 soon, So how do people manage to live here in such a cold winter?? , and I'm going to introduce about how people live in Japan in winter as well, although It's not as cold as Canada. I guess it's quite different from other countries


                      Canadian Style🇨🇦

1. スペースヒーター(室内暖房器具) 

      スペースヒーター が小さな部屋では結構有効です。安いのですぐ購入できます。これは、暖かい空気が出てきます。大きな部屋で使わなければ暖かいですね。早めにセットしとけば暖かくなるのも早くなるかもしれません。

    Space Heater

      Space heater is good if you use it in a small room, hot air comes out of it!, and the price is very reasonable, so you can purchase it easily, I think it's warm unless you use it in a big room. 


2. 集中暖房システム


   Central heat

  Central heat is that the shape is different in each building, and it really depends how it works, but if you ride on there, you might feel warmer.!!! 


3.Baseboard heater

 Baseboard heaterは日本語でどういうのか知りません。まず日本にこういう暖房設備あるんでしょうか?あの隙間から、暖かい風が出てきます。結構快適ですね、だいたい部屋にこれが2〜3個あるのですぐ温まります。下の画像にあるようにあれで温度を調節します。好きですね


   Baseboard heater

 I think we don't have this one in Japan. hot air comes out of it. In my opinion, It's comfortable, and basically we have three give or take in each room. Like the below picture, we adjust the temperature. I like it.







 Actually, I don't know people have it in Canada. I've never seen it here before. I'm not sure, but I think a rich family might have it. It's good looking and compatible with inside of Canadian house. If you go to Gastown, you may see this one inside of building.


                       Japanese style🇯🇵



1. Kotatsu

 Kotatsu is so popular in Japan, and I can say that most of Japanese have it. It's so cool  isn't it?? It's so warm as long as you stay inside. We usually put foot or a lower body in there, but you can go into inside of Kotatsu if you want. However, If you have an opportunity that you can try Kotatsu, please remember.. don't sleep in Kotatsu even an ways lol There are some reasons, your body can't control your bodily temperature while you sleep because of kotatsu, and your bodily temperature doesn't decrease, so it's bad for your body, or you sweat a lot, then trigger dehydration, so don't sleep there if you don't want to get a cold.



2. Oil heater

Oil heater is portable like space heater , but we have to buy oil, and there is a container inside of Oil heater, then, we put oil in there. When we turn on this one in a room, we have to be careful and make sure about surronding things to prevent fire from occuring, and we shouldn't sleep with turning on a stove either, but there is a time on Oil heater these days, so technically you can sleep with turning on a stove. Also, I think there are some the electric ones. Both of them are so warm. I love it



                    Happy Holidays🎅🏻