No.16 チップ文化で感じたこと thoughts about tip culture honestly...





Tip culture in Japan?💲

Nobody pays tip in Japan. we don't have that culture. For example, if you eat something, you just pay the bill. you don't need to feel bad even if you don't pay tip because It's normal in Japan, and nobody expects you to pay tip. if you leave tip on the table in a restaurant, servers will get mixed up, and they will think you forgot your money, so it's very different from other countries, and we usually pay at checkout counter, and it depends on the restaurant, but a lot of restaurants like local restaurants only accept cash. I think in a big city, they accept cash or card not in the coutryside.







services in restaurant

As I said first, servers offer a lot of services to you like bringing a cup of water, and you don't need to pay for what they did for you. Everything is including the bill.



とりあえず面倒くさいですね(笑) 他の国に行ったらその国の文化に従うのはもちろんなので払いましたが、自分が食べたものプラスお金を多く払わないといけないですからね。来た当初は払い方がよくわからなかったので全く払ってなかったですね。別に悪気があったわけじゃないんですけど、払い方がイマイチわからなかったですね。日本で提供してくれる、コップの水を注いでくれるからサービスがいいとか、食べものを持ってくるからサービスがいいとかそういう風なことをあんまり考えたことがなかったのもありますが、それによってチップ何パーセントになるとか面倒くさかったので、基本的なパーセンテージをいつも払っていました。現地の人は結構サービスがいいとか悪いとかでパーセンテージを決めているので、労働者側からすると気をつかうのはごく普通なことなのかもしれませんね。


feeling about tip culture..

It was a hassle to think about tip whenever I eat out in Canada because we don't have the culture that we pay for what they did or about service. We just pay for food no matter if the service is good or bad, and we are not thankful to some services like offering a cup of water to us because It's usual. It depends on the restaurant in Japan for sure. In some resutaurants, we have to go for a glass of water. We think that services are good or not once in a while, but  basically we don't think like the service is excellent, so I will pay 15% tip like this because it doesn't matter to the bill. In my opinion, I didn't want to pay tip at first because I feel like I pay for their service that is usual in my country, but no wonder I have to follow that culture, and I got used to pay tip now, but not easy before.The interesting thing that most of people who live in Canada consider the service, athough each person has different views. It's really connected to tip, so I undersatand the reason why servers pay attention to customers.





 I'm willing to continue bloggind about my experience and opinion.😋

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