No.17 アラスカって??? What is Alaska in the U.S like??



 What is Alaska in the U.S like??

As you know, Alaska is one of the states in America, which is kind of far from other states and located next to Canada. I learnt a lot of things after visiting there, so I'm going to share my experiences in Alaska with you guys .




アラスカは元はロシアの領土でしたが、ロシアが売却して、アメリカが購入しました。昔の話ですが、アメリア合衆国とロシア帝国の両政府間で行われた条約です。 詳しく知りたい方は検索してみてください

The history of Alaska

Alaska was a terriotory of Russia, but they sold it, then America purchased it. In the past, The U.S.A and Russian Empire sealed the treaty about Alaska. If you want to know more about it, Just Google it.





自分の感覚ではアラスカから帰ってきた後に日本に帰ってきたら、駅で一人で汗をかいていました(笑) そのくらい寒さが違います。

The climate in Alaska

Alaska is extremly cold, so over minus 20℃ is pretty usual. After going to Alaska, I did not feel Japan is cold. I was sweating around the station at the time lol. There is a huge gap for sure.




Activities you can do in Alaska.

I just went there this winter, so I do not know about summer activities, but as far as I know you can ski, sled and skate for free in winter, it depend on the places though. You can experience the authentic ones not like the artificial ones for sure.




Animals in Alaska

I just saw moose from the car as you can see the picture. That was huge and if you want to see a bunch of wild animals, you can see them easily like bears, just be careful.






My thoughts about Alaska

it is just very cold and slippery on the roads because of much of snows, so I saw some car accidents. I felt like until getting used to this environment, it is hard to drive.

Everytime when I go to the U.S., I am always surpriesed that guns are sold in a lot of stores. For example, Walmart, which is very famous in Canada and the U.S. sells guns inside of the mall. I just felt weird that and it is not suitable for malls because children can see them. It means they grow up while seeing guns. it is not only in Alaska but also in other stetes. However, some people mention that the U.S.A is very dangerous, but In my opinion, it is not dangerous compare to developing countries. A lof of advantages by living there outweigh those drawbacks. Also, there are a bunch of activities that people can enjoy such as  skiing, snowbording, sledding, hiking, cycling, fishing..etc.. I heard there is the famous mountain there. I did not enjoy all of them, but someday I will do them.



It's a type of sandwich, which has some ingredients as you can see. It is tasty and make me almost full. The inside of decoration was so cozy and nice.



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