No.4 ヌーディストビーチって本当にあったんだ(笑) & UBC( University )( A clothing optional beach Literally exists )

   ・ヌーディストビーチ( A clothing optional beach, it's called The Wreck beach )

  ブリティシュコロンビア大学の近くに位置する、ヌーディストビーチです。日本では馴染みのないような場所ですが........(笑)さらに、カナダ人に、温泉(銭湯) 日本にあるやんけみたいなの言われたのですよね。違いははっきり説明したのですが(笑) 外国人もこの記事見てると思うので、違いを最後らへんに載せます。世界的には有名らしいので、夏の間は、アメリカからも多くの人たちがここにきます。シアトルの人が多いのかな。見ればわかる通り、階段を下りてビーチまで行かないといけません。自分のルームメイトは運動だと行ってしばしば行ってますが、本当の目的はどうなんでしょうか(笑)

    There is a clothing optional beach which is located in Vancouver and close to UBC..It sounds weird for Japanese, and famous around the world especially in South and North America. However, some of Canadian asked me the difference between hot springs in Japan and nudist beachs. I'll explain you about it in the end of this page.During summer, a lot of people from the USA come there especially from Seattle because of the distance between Vancouver and Seattle. As you can see, you have to go down the stairs. My room mate is often going there for exercising according to him, but I don't know the truth of that.Lol




 It's kinda steep, so some aged people are supposed to go down slowly and some of people are enjoy viewing there. You can touch the great nature.




Please just Look at the picture.



  ここがビーチです。晴れた日に撮ったわけではないので、あまり微妙な感じですが、晴れてる日はとても綺麗なビーチです。ちなみに、私は、ヌードになったことは一度もありません(笑)水着ですらなったことないです。水着もOKですけど。 勇気がない (笑)普通に無理です。でも、来てる人たちはいい人ばっかりで、時々、道端で出会った時会話をします。

   Here is the beach. In fact, I didn't take the picture on a sunny day, so it looks not so beatiful, but It's supposed to be beautifu on a sunny day. Actually, I have never been naked here, and wore a swim suit either. It's still weird for me! However, people are so nice and sometimes chat with them when I bumped into them on the beach.Besides that, I like here Lol




Please just look at that



   ・ブリティシュコロンビア大学~ University of British Columbia~

    大きさはかなり大きいです。ダウンタウンよりも全然大きいです。とりあえずキャンパス内を全部周るだけでかなり時間がかかります。さすが、カナダ(笑) 日本とは違ってカナダは国土面積が広いので、大学はかなり大きいです。キャンパス内には何でもあります。何でもすぐゲットできます(笑)

     the campus is so huge, and bigger than downtown Vancouver for sure. It takes much time to look around on the campus, nobody wants to do that Lol. UBC is bigger than any other Japanese university for sure because of the are of the whole country. When I want to get something, I can get almost all things.




  There is a hospital which is affiliated to the University. I still remember that I thought How huge this University is lol. When I came here for the first time, I was impressed by it so much.



   Can you see a heart?? that's so cool


  スタバがあるんですよね。いいなぁ(笑) カナダにしかないTim Hortonsっていう安いチェーンのカフェの方が好きですけどね。

  They have Starbucks, I'm jelly of it...actually, I literally prefer Tim Hortons that are only in Canada to Starbucks because it's reasonable, and tastes good.



      ・What are hot springs??

 This is a kind of hot spring. The difference between this one and nudist beaches is wheather to be naked regardless of any sex or not in public. Japanese usually take a bath not taking shower, but sometimes we do.Then, we have a public bath like this picture, sometimes we go there, but It's divided into men and women due to being naked in public, so Neither women or men are able to go into a different place in sex.  It's not mixed up unlike nudist beaches, that's why they are weird for Japanese at first. One of the things that I miss is hot springs Lol